CQT Experiences


Discover. Solve. Survive.

Find your weapons quickly. If you don't, they will.

Make your way through our Force on Force MOUT town anmd shoot house. Find clues to unlock your supplies and weapons. Simunition pistols, ammo, flashlights and shock knives will be stashed away in various locations, waiting to aid in your survival. There is no guarantee that you'll be the one to recover the weapons.

Test your mettle and wit, spanning two different arenas, with three different options. Be the last one standing.

Light: Quickly find clues around our open-air MOUT town and shoot house, mostly lit, to procure your weapons and eliminate your enemies.

Dim: Make your way through our dimly-lit, multi-level shoot house and MOUT town. But be careful moving around corners. Someone may have found the weapons before you.

Dark: Don't wait for your eyes to adjust, black is black. Find a flashlight, find a clue, find a weapon. Find your way out. If you can.

Minimum of 3, maximum of 12 people.

$30/Person Per Half Hour


one-on-one death match


Be the first to get 10 kills and leave the victor.

Each person will be provided with a pistol,
shock knife, 3 magazines with 17 rounds each, flashlight and personal protection equipment.

Utilizing our Force on Force MOUT town and shoot house, test your skills against your friends and family.

$150 for two

Play until you score 10 kills or your ammo runs dry.



Team Play

Rescue Hostages, Eliminate High Value Targets.

Select your team. Select your objective.
Get your intel. Get to work.

Pick from any of three objectives, or do them all.

Capture the Flag
First team to capture the opposing team's flag, wins. One team starting in the shoot house, the other in our Force on Force MOUT town. Fight your way to the flag. Fight your way back.

Hostage Rescue
Your team has a hostage. Their team has a hostage. The first team to successfully extract the hostage and bring it to their home base, wins.

High Value Target
Receive intel on the location and description of your target. Make a plan of action. Execute. To increase the stakes, request an experienced CQT instructor as your target.

Each participant will be provided with a Simunition pistol, two loaded 17-round magazines, flashlight and personal protection equipment (face, neck, groin protection).


Additional Time: $35/hour. Additional magazines: $12 per magazine.
Minimum of 6, maximum of 10 people.


Please call 596.726.4730 to request a reservation, or email sales@cqtusa.com.