Pen / Flashlight / Basic Knife Techniques

This four hour course will present the basics of using these three common tools to defend oneself if ever assaulted. You will learn types of locking blades and opening systems, how to carry and conceal, stance and grip, lines of attack, tool-target-technique, types of cuts and strikes, speed vs. flowing, disable vs. kill, strike and move - move and strike, human factors in violent encounters, as well as a review of some of Michigan's Law.

Required: Note pad and writing utensil, tactical pen, tactical flashlight and training knife. (Trainers are available for use.)

Cost: $100



POCKET Knife Techniques

This four hour course assists you in knife selection, carry methods and solutions, mindset, proper stances and grips, as well as targeting areas, multiple cuts and locking systems.

Required: Training knife, eye protection.

Cost: $100