Law enforcement instructor certification


shoot house instructor

The purpose of this training is to educate law enforcement instructors on how to safely and accurately utilize a live-fire shoot house facility in order to provide close quarters training to their respective departments.

The course covers a shoot house overview, safety considerations, fundamentals of room clearing, instructor development and scenario and course development.



Pistol and rifle firearms


This course is designed to provide departmental heads, team leaders and any officers looking to be in a firearms instructor billet with the knowledge and skills required to efficiently and safely instruct and perform training. The course will instill the trainee with the tools to develop safe target placement and courses of fire they may utilize amongst their departments.

Topics covered in this three-day course include: fundamentals of marksmanship, how to effectively teach the utilization of a pistol and rifle, developing training outlines, live-fire drill and teach-backs of student courses of fire.


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