At Close Quarters Tactical (CQT), our personnel are highly trained and are experienced individuals from a variety of qualified military, police and other tactical-related backgrounds:

Al Dustan II has a lifetime of experience in hand-to-hand combat training in mixed martial arts. As an executive protection trainer, accompanied by his expertise in hand-to-hand defensive tactics, he is well versed in small arms tactics, techniques and equipment. As a CQT instructor in advanced handgun and hand-to-hand techniques, he is passionate about developing his students' skills in real world settings and scenarios.

Francis L Smith has been an active Law Enforcement Officer for over 20 years and is a certified NRA and MCOLES firearms instructor. Along with his 20 years of experience, he is also currently an 11 year active SRT member with an extensive background in tactical teaching, as well as instructing basic/advanced swat and sniper tactics for a local college. His training includes pistols, shotguns, sub-guns, tactical rifles, Close Quarters Tactics, snipers, dignitary protection and defensive tactics. Additionally, he is an instructor in point shooting, response to an active shooter and spontaneous knife defense.

Carl Hospedales Career spans 30 years within the Military, Special Operations and Tactical Law Enforcement in Global Operations & Training with a special focus on Counter-Terrorism procedures, operations and training  including VIP Close Protection, Intelligence gathering & analysis. In addition he is a firearms instructor in advanced pistol instructor and carbine.

Jim Osterland
an Active Law Enforcement Officer for over 15 years, extensive law enforcement and US Military Special Operations experience. 

Joseph Ferrera (affectionately known as “Little Joe”) began his career in 1977 as a Protection Officer with the Federal Reserve Bank in Detroit, Michigan. He spent 6 years as a Deputy Sheriff (Corrections Division) with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department (Michigan). He has been a Police Officer since 1985 in an Officer agency bordering Detroit, with extensive experience as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Directed Patrol Unit Member, Department Training Officer, SERT Team Leader/Operator, Detective (Narcotics/Vice/Surveillance) and Background Investigator, in addition to his assignment on the Training Unit doing research and development of training and equipment.