2014 Schedule

Pistol- Basic

Pistol- Advanced

Active Shooter

Drug Raid

Patrol Rifle

Low Light


Shoothouse Instructor

CQB Movement

Tactical Medic Class   

Sniper/Precision Rifle

Executive Protection /Dignitary/PSD 


Please call to schedule an appointment for yourself or your department. A walk through of the shoot house will be given upon request.

For more information on this or any other classes please call us at 586-726-4730

For course registration please contact us at 586-726-4730. Thank you.

CQT offers law enforcement courses to suit your departments needs. Our highly trained instructor staff bring their experience from both military and law enforcement, to provide the best training in today's tactics and techniques. Many of our courses are MCOLES approved as well. In addition, we can customize our courses to fit your departments specific needs. Here are a few of the courses offered here at CQT:
  • Shoot House F.I. Instructor Course
  • Tactical EMS
  • Patrolman's Tactics
  • Emergency or Special Response Team Tactics
  • Basic and Advanced patrol Rifle Courses
  • Response to Active Shooter
  • Krav Maga Hand to Hand Combat
  • Executive Protection
  • Drug Raid
  • CQB
  • Active Shooter

Please contact a CQT representative for more details