A sequel but with better actors...

Not all change is bad, right? By now, you've realized that we've given our website a facelift... Well, more like a transplant. Or we just changed the actor in the sequel. Except for a better actor, not a worse one. This isn't like Ben Affleck "becoming" Batman. (I mean, how silly is that?)

In any case... Welcome. We've got a whole lot up our sleeves to help improve your experience at CQT and for you to get more out of our online and social presence. Over the past month we have toiled over the keyboard, raised our fists to the sky in frustration and triumph and have had nightmares of failures and dreams of sweet success. We are going to bring you solid visuals, fun and exciting video, training aids and demonstrations, behind the scenes intel and, likely, some utter nonsense that'll give you a solid laugh at our expense.

Kinda like Rob here, smiling while taking an elbow to the face with the imminent doom of a ZT pen perforating his cranium. It's all fun and games until it's not.

While you're here looking around, be sure to check out our Instagram feed. We know it's on the homepage with a few images, but be sure to follow us so you'll be in the know about our occasional giveaways, tips and tricks and information about our courses and when they're scheduled.

We also want to open a direct line of communication between you and us. No more tin cans connected by a shoe string, leading into the window. We want to know what you think of what we're doing, how we can improve and what you'd like to see. 

What would benefit you? How can we make your experience better?

Mull that over for a little bit and while you do, look at some guns. 'Cause looking at guns is always fun.

Now that you're all excited about guns 'n' stuff, reach out to us. Let us know what we can do for you. Let us know what you'd like to see. We have a wealth of knowledge within our walls and are looking to share it. Not only through our courses but with regular tidbits. Little golden nuggets streaming from the screens of your computers and mobile devices. Comment below, hit us up on our Contact page, swing by the shop or give us a ring. We look forward to hearing what you've got to say.

Without y'all we wouldn't have the opportunity to bring you the quality training, quality gear and excellent service we do. It's what we love to do and without you, it wouldn't happen.

See you on the firing line and until we do, Dominate the Fight.