Patrol Officer Program

The purpose of this training is to allow patrol officers to gain experience on how to safely and tactically approach and move through dwellings and structures. With our two story shoot house, officers will be exposed to live-fire exercises enabling them to fully practice the skills being taught.

This four hour course addresses safety considerations, fundamentals of room clearing, approaching structures, engaging threats and threat recognition.



Patrol Officer Program II

This four hour course is designed for all patrol officers and will instill them with the training to safely, efficiently and effectively move in a CQB environment. The course will teach the trainee how to properly move as a single or two man team.

Topics covered include patrolling mindset, maintaining an OODA loop, close quarters techniques, single or two man team movement options, pistol vs. rifle situations, entry and clearing techniques, pistol deployment and rifle deployment proficiency in close quarters environments.



Advanced Patrol

Officer Program



Building on the second Patrol Officer Program, this two day course will focus on the patrolling mindset, maintaining an OODA loop, residential ballistics, close quarters techniques, single, two and four-man team movement options, pistol vs. rifle situations, entry and clearing techniques, pistol deployment, rifle deployment, transition to secondary weapon and proficiency in close quarters environments.



Basic Patrol Rifle Course

This one day course is designed to instill the trainee with the efficient and fluid fundamental skills of utilizing a patrol rifle.

This course will cover care and maintenance, battlesight zero, reload drills, malfunction drills, shooting positions, point shooting and shooting on the move.


Our tactical movement class is meant to instill the proper ways to move in high risk environments.  This is done by teaching the officers how to move solo, with a partner, and eventually a team.  Most active killer scenarios start as solo officer movement and as officers arrive on scene they group up and form teams.  We will show how to move and communicate safely and effectively to end the situation as fast as possible. This will be done by covering topics and techniques such as:

  • Basic Movement
  • Solo Movement
  • Partner Movement
  • Squad Movement
  • Over watch and Cover
  • Movement under fire (Solo)
  • Movement under fire (Team)

Tactical Movement for LE

in Active Killer or High

isk Environments



This class is designed to instill in officers safe and effective ways to respond to Active Shooter/killer situations.  The need for a swift, well-coordinated response in these situations is critical in mitigated loss of life as well as ensuring the situation is contained.  This 2-day course will cover topics that aid in the officer’s daily duties as well as give them the tools to handle even the most extreme of situations.  This will be done by covering topics such as:

  • Handgun 1-2 Basics
  • Tactical Emergency Medicine
  • Simulator
  • Force on Force Scenario Based Training
  • Aggressive Deadly Behavior
  • Citizen/Officer Rescues
  • Breaching
  • Terrorism

2 Day Rapid Response to

Active Killer Situations




Tactical Emergency


  • Combat Triage of Patients
  • Self Aid
  • Buddy Aid 
  • Medical materials and how to use them
  • Alternate materials that can be used to treat a patient.


  • Difference between Lethal & Non-Lethal
  • Round Disbursement Techniques
  • Different Types of Impact Rounds
  • Fire Impact Rounds
  • Baton Rounds
  • Impact Munitions
  • Barricade Munitions
  • Chemical Munitions
  • Crowd Disbursement Munitions

Less Lethal 


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