places of worship Security PrograM

CQT has designed a highly recognized security-training program that concentrates on places of worship and its parishoners.  Recommended courses include, in order:

Defensive Tactics

  • Basic reflexive strikes
  • Choke and bear hug defenses from the front or behind

Subject Control


  • Controlling a subject by yourself
  • Controlling a subject with a partner
  • Basic takedowns
  • Restraining a subject
  • Escorting a compliant subject
  • Escorting a non-complaint subject
  • Relocating/removing disuputes

Verbal De-Escalation


  • Behavior analysis
  • Speech patterns and key phrases
  • Situational awareness
  • Physical cues

Handgun I

  • Draw and fire your handgun
  • Conduct "emergency" and "tactical" reloads
  • Clear various types of weapon malfunctions

Handgun II

  • Learn how to use ballistic protection
  • Shooting while moving

Force on Force

  • Learn realistic problem solving in various risk levels



tactical emergency medicine (t.e.m.)


Skills and Drills

  • Quarterly Refresher

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