Scenario based Training

This six hour course was designed to give students the ability to safely and effectively navigate through a household safely in a high risk, high stress situation. The students will learn topics such as basic footwork, danger areas, unknowns, weapons handling, and threat recognition. This course will utilize the VirTra 300 Simulator, Force on Force, and Shoothouse areas.  This is a scenario based class that will include force on target (simunition on paper) and Force on Force (Student vs Students) based scenarios.  This class is designed to induce stress, elevated heart-rates, and rapid breathing cycles as to best simulate the effects of life or death situations. Students are recommended to wear heavy clothing that they don’t mind gets dirty.  All protective gear will be provided.

Cost:  $150

home defense 1

In Home Defense 2, students will further the skills and abilities learned in Home Defense 1.  This class will begin with a footwork and weapons handling refresher.  During this class, students will once again encounter Force on Force situations as well as live fire runs*.  The scenarios will include shoot and no shoot targets to better test the student’s ability to correctly identify threats.  *The live fire portion will be based on the Instructors discretion based off students’ knowledge retention/application and safe weapons handling.

Required: Successful completion of Handgun 1, Handgun 2, AND Home Defense 1 (must have to attend), Personal firearm, holster, 2 magazines, 1 magazine pouch, eye and ear protection, minimum 100 rounds of ammunition

Cost:  $100

home defense 2


Couples Home Defense

Our four hour course teaches you and your significant other defensive strategies to include movement in a two-person team and through various rooms, use of communication and "stronghold" defense scenarios and options, as well as utilizing effective cover and intersecting fields of fire.

Required (Per Person): Notepad and pen for note-taking, eye protection, comfortable clothing.

Cost: $75/Couple



Force on Force

This eight hour course has been designed to prepare you for realistic problem solving in a deadly force encounter. You will be utilizing Simunition training equipment to experience hostage and carjacking scenarios, and other real life scenarios.  Students are recommended to wear heavy clothing they do not mind getting dirty.  All other gear and equipment will be provided.

Recommended: Successful completion of Handgun 1 and Handgun 2.  

Cost: $175



force on force level 2

This three hour course will be a follow up to any individuals that have completed Force on Force training and are looking to further their skills and abilities.  During this class student will run through a number of scenarios that sharpen their ability to respond to real like situations in which stress and fear are factors.    Students are recommended to wear heavy clothing that they don’t mind gets dirty.  All protective gear will be provided.

Required: Successful completion of Force on Force (must have to attend)

Cost:  $85




The 9 hour CQT C.R.A.V.A.T. course shows you the principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). You will learn tactical/low light assessments, casualty movement techniques, wound care which will include tourniquets, wound-packing and pressure dressings, as well as chest wound and airway care.

Required: Casual/comfortable clothing, fleece or sweatshirt, street shoes or boots, small flashlight, notepad and pen for note-taking. Recommended: Water bottle, personal EDC/vehicle trauma kit.  

Cost: $150

**If purchased prior to the course date, receive 15% off a North American Rescue Mini First Aid Kit.  Registration must be paid in full for discount to be applied.