CQT USA VirTra V-100 and V-300 Simulators


CQT offers both the V-Range V-100™ Simulator and VirTra V-300™Simulator systems to improve trainees' real-world survival skills. The extensive library of realistic training scenarios is capable of supporting the entire use of force continuum from verbal skills, less than lethal options ( TASER®, beanbag, pepperball, OC) to lethal force. The system fully supports marksmanship and skill building from basic to advanced.



VirTra V-300™ Simulator


The V-300™ is the higher standard for decision-making simulation and tactical firearms training.  Five screens and a 300-degree immersive training environment ensures that time in the simulator translates into real world survival skills.  The system reconfigures to support 15 individual  firing lanes.