Specialized LE and Military training


Ballistic shield operators program

Designed for all officers, our two day course will teach how to safely, efficiently and effectively utilize a ballistic shield in conjunction with either pistol or carbine rifle. 

The course will address types of shields, ballistic capabilities, principles of fighting with the shield, shield application and manipulation, pistol and carbine manipulation with the shield, positioning, CQB drills, movement with the shield, building searches, perimeter searches both in and out of buildings, CQB and vehicular assault and rescue with single or multiple shields and team movement drills.



mechanical breaching course

Teaching the fundamental skills of gaining entry in a fluid, safe manner into a secure structure utilizing mechanical tools. This course will cover the legality of breaching, manual breaching techniques, types of breaches and structures, glass breaching, ballistic breaching (shotgun) and the utilization of flashbang poles.



low explosive two day operators program

Designed for all NFDD rated SWAT/SRT officers, this two day course will provide officers with training to safely and effectively utilize a low explosive NFDD entry device.

This course will address over pressure calculations, different methods of constructing entry charges, types of doors, methods of deploying, breachers approach, differences between high and low explosives, safety considerations, defeating reinforced doors, breachers logs, types of initiators and simultaneous entries with multiple charges.



downed officer course

Training for every officer, the two day Downed Officer Course covers assessment and treatment of a downed officer, medical need, preparing the injured for treatment, patient packaging, equipment, paperwork and force on force practical skill scenarios.



edged weapons

Officers will learn to manipulate the edged weapon, diffuse individual and multiple attackers and close quarter grappling engagements. These techniques provide the officer the ability to quickly gain control of a situation through natural movements and a dominant mindset.

Some techniques and topics include empty hand combatives and movement in relation to edged weapons, covering basic movement, basic strikes and target sequencing. Additional edged and alternative weapons will be addressed with the context of targeting on the body, fixed and folding blade CQB applications, blunt force applications, high value target sequencing and multiple opponent application.