specialty training

Eye and ear protection are available if needed. Ammo is also available for purchase in the pro shop. Steel-cased, steel-cored, 5.56/.223 SS 109 and M855 (green tip) ammo is prohibited at the range. Appropriate attire for all classes. NO low-cut shirts or open-toed shoes. Baseball cap recommended.



This four hour course has been designed to mimic the Point Shooting techniques developed by Rex Applegate that were widely used during WWII and have been adopted by many organizations worldwide.

Required: Personal firearm, holster, eye and ear protection, minimum 350 rounds of ammunition.

Cost: $100




This four hour course is a must for anyone who carries a firearm. You will learn holstered retention, traditional handgun retention (strong side and cross-draw), elbow control handgun retention, drawn retention as well as disarming techniques.

Required: Inert training gun (if you do not have one, they will be available), eye protection, gloves (optional).

Cost: $100




This 4 hour course will take a look at carry options, concealment methods and drawing revolvers for self-defense.  Reloading techniques will also be covered.

Required: Personal firearm, holster, eye and ear protection, speed loader/speed strip, minimum 250 rounds of ammunition.

Cost: $100



shotgun 1

In this four hour class, you will cover the basic fundamentals of combative shotgun.  Topics covered will include marksmanship fundamentals, presentation skills, emergency and tactical reloads, and stoppage and malfunction drills.

Required: Personal firearm, eye and ear protection, magazine pouch/bandoleer, minimum of 2 snap caps, minimum 100 rounds of ammunition (sluggs only)

Cost:  $100


shotgun 2

The purpose of this two hour class is to expand upon the knowledge gained in Shotgun 1 and further the students skills and abilities to safely and effectively handle the shotgun.  This course will cover the use of ballistic cover and concealment, shooting on the move, engaging targets to the left, right and rear.

Required:  Successful completion of Shotgun 1, eye and ear protection, magazine pouch/bandoleer, minimum of 2 snap caps, minimum 100 rounds of ammunition (sluggs only), knee pads (optional)

Cost:  $75

drawing from the holster

This two hour course was designed to instill proper draw techniques as to better the student’s ability to perform at a higher level.  This class is a dry fire, repetition-based class.  Topics covered will include but not limited to, open carry draw, multiple conceal carry draws, drawing from alternate positions, and offhand draws. Student’s will receive a certificate that when shown to the CQT range officer will allow them to draw on the range.

Required: Pistol, holster, 2 magazines, magazine pouch

Cost:  $50

pistol/rifle maintenance

During this one hour, course students will learn the proper care and maintenance techniques required to maintain a functioning firearm.  Topics covered will include weapon nomenclature, disassembly, parts inspection, cleaning techniques, important areas to clean, lubrication points, reassembly, and conducting a functions check.

Required: Personal firearm (preferably dirty), cleaning kit/supplies

Cost:  $30

build your own ar

This two hour class will cover the process and gear required to build an AR. Topics covered will be, parts inspection, overview of components and explanation of technical specs, explanation of the cycle of operation, assembly of the weapon, and function testing of completed firearm. Tools will be provided. This class is meant to be a hands-on build, ideally students should have all parts required to assemble an AR during class.

Cost:  $75