basic swat school


This five day course is designed to teach officers how to effectively perform in a high risk team environment. Patrolling mindset, maintaining an OODA loop, residential ballistics, close quarters techniques, team movement options, pistol vs. rifle situations, entry and clearing techniques, pistol/rifle deployment, less lethal munitions, defensive tactics, edged weapons and proficiency in close quarter engagements will be covered.



rapid entry active

shooter course

An active shooter/workplace violence event is a random event that does and will occur again. Policies to address this type of event can be developed and implemented; however, without effective action plans and training scenarios for such an event, the chance of a successful outcome is doubtful under the best circumstances. The greatest chance for surviving an active shooter event is proper and effective planning, preparation and scenario based raining to be ready if such an event were to occur. Wihtin any organization it requires a coordinated effort where staff must know what to do and to be able to act quickly.



2 Day Command and

Control Course

This 2 Day course is meant to teach LE officers, or members of Special Assignment units, mission planning and execution, as well as develop more efficient and practical Standard Operating Procedures. This will be done through lectures and practical application exercises covering:

  • Concepts of command, management, and leadership
  • Tactical intelligence requirements 
  • Intelligence and operational checklist
  • Contingency planning
  • Leader's reconnaissance and practical exercise
  • Tactical leadership  and organizational responsibilities 
  • Principles of tactical planning, command and control of special units
  • Deployment planning
  • Deliberate and crisis action planning
  • Warning/supplemental/operational orders
  • Operations orders practical exericise

This class is designed to instill in officers safe and effective ways to respond to Active Shooter/killer situations.  The need for a swift, well-coordinated response in these situations is critical in mitigated loss of life as well as ensuring the situation is contained.  This 2-day course will cover topics that aid in the officer’s daily duties as well as give them the tools to handle even the most extreme of situations.  This will be done by covering topics such as:

  • Handgun 1-2 Basics
  • Tactical Emergency Medicine
  • Simulator
  • Force on Force Scenario Based Training
  • Aggressive Deadly Behavior
  • Citizen/Officer Rescues
  • Breaching
  • Terrorism

2 Day Rapid Response to 

Active Killer Situations


  • Components/maintenance of precision rifles 
  • Precision tactical ammunition
  • Basic ballistics
  • Marksmanship
  • Exposure to baseline PM/O tactics
  • Intro to camouflage
  • Urban operations
  • Tactical movement

Designated Patrol 

Rifle Marksman 1


  •   Emphasis on tactical movement and  supporting various tactical operations. 
  •   Stalking
  •   Urban hide construction
  •   Vehicle based operations for a designated marksman         
  •   Night optic devices

Designated Patrol

Rifle Marksman 2



  • Designated Patrol 
  • Rifle Marksman 3

Designated Patrol 

Rifle Marksman 3

This training course will be composed of advance shooting exercises with pistol and rifle. All exercises will be related to the mission task list.  During this class students will start with intermediate level shooting exercises, room clearing, target selection and precise shooting, corner shooting. From there students will move up to shooting in different circumstances while being shot at, evacuating friend from the danger zones, etc.

Advance Close Quarter

shooting course