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Advanced Patrol Pistol

Corresponds to Level 3 Advanced Pistol, Low Light

  • Intro

  • Basics of firearm safety

  • Review of patrol pistol

  • Increasing accuracy and speed of shots

  • Advanced movement to barricade shooting drills, including shooting from multiple elevations

  • Threat / non threat identifiers

  • Weapon retention

  • Shooting from nontraditional positions

  • Low light concerns in relation to the human body

  • Weapon mounted vs handheld

  • Different techniques utilizing light sources

  • Light output pro and cons

  • Using white light to discern threats

Building on our second Patrol Officer Program, this two day course will focus on the advance patrolling mindset and maintaining an OODA loop. We cover residential ballistics, close quarters techniques, single, two and four-man team movement options, pistol vs. rifle situations, entry and clearing techniques, pistol deployment, rifle deployment, transition to secondary weapon and proficiency in close quarters environments.  We move onto post engagement training also, so as to educate your officers of the aftermath involved after a dangerous encounter.


This course is performed using vehicles and simunitions, indoor and outdoor shoot-houses, indoor range time and an true to life environment which will challenge the officer to overcome advanced obstacles and threats in a high stress engagement.

Duration: 8 Hours

Price: Please contact for pricing.


Patrol Pistol 

Course Outline 

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