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Ballistic Shield Operator

Corresponds with Ballistic Shield Firearms and Ballistic Shield Entry with Firearms

  • Intro

  • Utilize a ballistic shield with either a pistol or carbine

  • Shield application and manipulation

  • Weapon manipulation with shield, pistol and carbine

  • Standing, kneeling and prone positions

  • Movement with shield

  • Building searches, perimeter inner/outer, CQB and vehicle assault/rescue with single or multiple shields

  • Team movement drills

  • Subject control and defensive tactics utilizing the shield

Duration: 16 Hours

Price: Please contact for pricing.



Required Gear

Duty BDU’s or appropriate street attire including duty belts with gear or full tactical vests with armor, gloves, eyepro, earpro. Any and all department shields that the department uses for breaching (CQT will provide training equipment that the department needs).

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