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Basic Patrol Rifle

Corresponds to Patrol Rifle Refresher, Level 3 Patrol Rifle, 100 m Patrol Rifle

  • Intro

  • Basics of firearm safety

  • BZO (battle field zero)

  • Definition and capabilities of a patrol rifle

  • Utilization of slings

  • Proper stance and stability utilizing a patrol rifle

  • Accuracy and trigger control

  • Tactical / emergency reloads (strong hand/ weak hand)

  • Malfunctions

  • One handed manipulation of rifle

  • High ready / low ready

  • Transitional shooting strong side / support side

  • Shooting out to 100 m

  • Natural point of aim

This one day course is designed to instill the trainee with the efficient and fluid fundamental skills of utilizing a patrol rifle. This course will cover care and maintenance, battlesight zero, reload drills, malfunction drills, shooting positions, point shooting and shooting on the move.

Duration: 16 hours

Price: Please contact for pricing



Required Gear

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