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CQT was designed and built to become the premier training facility for military.  Our MCOLES recognized training program is designed to prepare the officer or agent to handle the majority of situations they may encounter while on duty. Our facilities can accommodate department or agencies of any size and on duty shifts. We are available 24/7.

Our military training site is located in Cusseta, Georgia.

Special Forces Course

Special forces preparation course, Special forces qualification course and Basic commando training. Also with, MOS training (engineers, weapons and sniper training, communication, medical training, SF intelligence and operational SF planning.

Special Operations Course

Introduction to advanced room clearing techniques, Basic & advanced CQB, Basics of stealth and dynamic entries, Clearing under stress and much more.

MOUT Sniper Course

Students will learn Sniper missions in Urban Terrain (UT), Sniper mission Planning, Building urban hides, Infiltration and exfiltration to/from hide side urban hides and more.

Special Operations Sniper Course

Sniper will learn and practice SOF mission planning, Target analysis, Sniper operation order, Weapons and equipment camouflage, Intelligence gathering and reporting and much more

Commando Course

Students will learn Commando Assessment and Selection Program (RASP), Basic Combat Training (BCT), Advanced Individual Training (AIT), Advanced infantry tactics and much more.

Basic Military Sniper Course

This is a fundamental sniper course which teaches the student the ABC’s of sniping and it is designed as a platform from which you can evolve into a operational sniper.

Alpine Sniper Course

Winter survival factors, Shooting in high altitude angles, Shooting in long distances in rough terrain and more.

Subterranean/Cave Warfare Course

Planning considerations, Intelligence preparations of the battlefield, Targeting, Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze, Disseminate and much more.

Basic Executive Protection Course

PSD Tactical Shooting, Basic security detail formation, Personal security detail operations, Advance security detail techniques and much more.

Full formation protection team techniques, CAT team support, Counter ambush techniques, Advanced executive protection shooting and much more.

Advanced Executive Protection Course for Military Units

Close Protection and Motorcade Operators Driving Course

Maneuvering vehicles for arrivals and departures, Unit responding to ambushes during mobile operations, Barricade breaching and much more


Defensive & Precision Driving


High speed driving, Proper placement on the road in close proximity driving at high speed, Counter ambush techniques.

Down driver drills and much more.

Off-Road Driving

Students will learn Angles of approach & departure, Reading terrain, Recovery techniques and more.

Tactical Rappelling Course

Rappel/abseiling training course is designed to provide participants with rappel, rappel master, and pilot techniques to perform rappel insertion missions


Students will learn about understanding behavioral traits, Understanding human response, Recognizing and predicting human patterns.

High Explosive Operator Course

Students will learn Properties of energetic materials, Calculations of minimum safe distance, Fragmentation distance and over pressure, Target analysis and more.

Counter-Terrorism in The Middle East

During this course participants will gain valuable insight into the thinking behind the Global Jihad and its manifestations here in the USA

Hostage Rescue Course

This course is designed to teach students about hostage recovery in Bus Operations, Tubular Assaults/Train Operations

Maritime Operations and more.


Students will teach discreet surveillance, multi-cultural blending, difference between detectable and non-detectable movement.

Master Breacher Program

Covers procedures on assault breaching, explosive, thermal, ballistic and mechanical/manual breaching. covering doors, walls, windows, gates, roofs and floors.

Command and Control Course

Students will learn the Concepts of command, management, and leadership, Tactical intelligence requirements and much more.

Close Quarter Battle Combat Course

This course is composed with the most advanced shooting, movements, and tactics used in open areas and urban terrain.

Close Protection

Site analysis, pre-deployment preparation, security checks and more

Improvised Medicine & Personal Security for Single & Small Group Operations

Improvised medicine, Personal security measures improvised tools/edged weapons and more.

Edged Weapons

Students will learn offensive and defensive edged weapon use,

manipulate the edged weapon and more.


Students will learn about target hardening, Command and control and more.

Air Services

CQT currently provides conversion training from the King Air B200 to the King Air 350 aircrafts.

CQT currently provides conversion training from the King Air B200 to the King Air 350 aircrafts.