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Designated Marksman

  • Intro

  • Basics of firearm safety

  • Definition of Designated marksman

  • Intelligence gathering

  • Overwatch positions

  • Utilization of optics

  • Defining

  • How to use and create a data book

  • Ammunition ballistics

  • Fundamental deployment of DMR

  • Difference between cold bore shots and hot bore shots

  • Threat / non threat identifiers

  • Field operations

This course is designed to educate the police Sharpshooter to advanced levels of skills. the job of the marksman is to gather intelligence, overwatch of teams, overwatch of public events, and to enhance the overall capabilities of a SWAT Team. In a last case scenario, the need be that police Marksman is trained to deliver a long distance use of lethal force.

Duration: 16 hour

Price: Please contact for pricing.



Required Gear

Precision rifle with field case, 500-750 rounds of Match Grade Ammunition, Spotting scope, Camouflage clothing, field boots, shooting mat, data book.

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