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Firearm Instructor/Range Master Course

This class is an instructor level course. The course is designed for the instructor level student who is already proficient with weapon systems. Using both the range and classroom enviroments, the student will perform exercises to increase their ability as a shooter, then will learn the art of instructing to other students. Students will also learn basic and advanced range set up, range safety, different weapon systems and principles of instructions. 

This course is a general program to teach the basics of firearm safety, marksmanship principles, teaching theories and designs, range setup, environmental issues, and proper range analysis. This is a hands on course, requiring  shotgun, rifle and pistol skills. students must provide ammunition for each system.


Duration: 4 Hours

Price: Please contact for pricing.


Required Gear

Patrol pistol/rifle (if applicable), 500 rounds of pistol ammunition, 250 rounds rifle and 50 rounds of shotgun ammunition (25 00buck/ 25 slug). A pistol with Holster and magazine pouches, a rifle with sling, and a shotgun. All weapons are available  for rent if required.

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