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Less Lethal Operator

Corresponds with OC Defense Tactics and Taser

  • Defining what OC spray is

  • Application and contamination concerns

  • Medical treatments

  • Reporting procedures

  • Familiarization with field training exercises

  • Defining what a taser is and its limitations

  • Application and concerns

  • Loading and unloading (cartridge and battery)

  • Equipment maintenance

This class is a must for departments using Less lethal munitions, either out of Shotguns or dedicated Launchers. It will also cover the use of Noise Flash Diversionary devices and Smoke.  The class not only covers the items, but it also instructs the user in the actual deployment.  Many of these items are not understood well and the deployment techniques are often performed incorrectly, which not only lessens the effectiveness, but may also increase liability to departments.

Duration: 8 Hours

Price: Please contact for pricing.

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