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Patrol Pistol Operator

Corresponds to Barricades, Dynamic Pistol

  • Intro

  • Basics of firearm safety

  • Review of combat handgun

  • Defining barricades

  • Static rollout / pie techniques at points of cover or concealment

  • Dynamic movement techniques involving barricades

  • Single hand deployment of pistol (strong hand / weak hand)

    • Reloads / malfunctions

    • Threat focused shooting principles

    • Confined space multiple threat engagement

This one day course is designed to instill the trainee with the efficient and fluid fundamental skills of utilizing a patrol pistol. This course will cover Seven fundamentals of marksmanship, Off-hand shooting, Shooting and moving, Use of cover/concealment and Alternative shooting positions.

Duration: 8 day

Price: Please contact for pricing.



Course Outline 

This course will cover care and maintenance, battlesight zero, reload drills, malfunction drills, shooting positions, point shooting and shooting on the move.

Required Gear

Patrol pistol/rifle (if applicable), 300 rounds of rifle ammunition, 100 rounds of a pistol, minimum three magazines, web gear or duty leather and holster, eye and ear protection, and appropriate attire (i.e.- BDU’s or patrol uniform) and armor.

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