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700 Acre Georgia Training Facility

  • Classrooms

  • Numerous flat ranges

  • Shoot house

  • Numerous Breaching areas

  • SUB-T site

  • Confined Space trainer

  • Jungle/Clandestine drug lab

  • Rappel tower

  • Lodging

  • Cafeteria



CQT's Georgia Facility's capabilities range from 50m to 1,000m distances. Which include; 50m small arms weapons range, 80m small arms weapons range, 125m small arms weapons range, 200m T&E/multi-purpose range, 1,000m multi-purpose range (rocket/40mm capable), 100m 360 degree drive-in range, heavy breach site, urban breach village, ballistic breach site, QUICKIE saw training site and thermal training site.

50 Small Arms Weapons Range

200m T&E Mutli-Weapons

System range

125m Small Arms Weapons Range

100 360 Degree Drive-in Range

1000m Multi-purpose Range (Rocket/40mm Capable)

Urban Breach Village


Shoot House

Breach House

Ballistic Breach Site

Breach Village

CQT Georgia Facility provides structural apparatuses for mechanical, ballistic, thermal and explosive breaching, including breaching of brick, block, concrete and steel. Capabilities also include follow-up or secondary attack techniques; emergency assault breaching on steel doors and hard target obstructions, as well as precise mathematical calculation training for a variety of explosive effects. 40 person max per range. 

Including 4 mechanical breach walls, 26 breach-able door frames, 5 explosive breaching wall hangers and a ballistic breach site.

The Ballistic Breach site features 3 breaching Technologies inc. (BTI) Shotgun hinge doors and 3 mechanical breaching doors. 

Breach House

Compound 1

Compound 2

Ballistic Breach Site

Breach houses

Breach-able Walls

Viewing Bunkers

Shoot House


The shoot house is 6,000 sq. ft. constructed of AR 500 ballistic material rated to support 5.56mm calibers and below. It has 9 rooms with 6 exterior entrances and 15 interior entrances to include mechanical and ballistic BTI doors. We offer a variety of target options to support room clearing, breaching, entry techniques, and target selection. Rooms can be fully furnished to replicate various tactical scenarios including classrooms, hotel rooms, and offices.



CQT Georgia's Facility include; multiple class rooms, 6,800 Sq. ft. with seating for 60, two flat screen tv's and onsite storage availble


Clandestine Lab


Confined Space Trainer

The Confined Space Trainer (CST) will introduce the individual to the challenges of negotiating in confined spaces commonly found in SUB-T environments. It will also introduce individuals on how breach external and internal doors that they may see in a SUB-T environment. It will also allow individuals to maneuver equipment through confined spaces.


Quickie SAW Training Site

The QUICKIE Saw Training Site has 50 ft. of chain linked fencing, 2 stands that hold 8 rebar sections and 2 expand metals stands.


Thermal Training Site

The thermal Training site has 4 metal stands for 2' x2' x1.5' steel plates, 2 stands that hold up to 10 rebar sections I-Beams of various sizes and 2 stands that hold up to 2" thick steel plates. 



Offroad Course

  • Off Road Track

  • Snatch Pit

  • Multiple Terrain

  • Engineered Obstacles

  • Snatch/Heist Recovery Pit

*Coming Soon*


SUB-T Training Site

*Coming Soon*

Prison Pod