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CQT has a complete offering of tactical firearm training from basic to advanced techniques for all levels of shooters. Our courses take advantage of our cutting-edge facility from the classroom to the shoot house. Eye and ear are available for purchase. Ammo is also available for purchase in the pro shop.

**NOTE: Course dates are subject to change if minimum student count is not met.  Notifications of changes will be sent via email and/or phone within 24 hours of course date.


Available Dates:

June 5th                          July 18th  August 15th                 Sept. 12th  Oct. 17th                         Nov. 7th  Dec.19th



Beginner Handgun: In this four hour course you will learn to safely unload, load, fire and inspect your pistol. You will also be exposed to different types of holsters, carry and concealment methods and additional materials and equipment that will make your shooting more enjoyable and safe.

Gear List: Personal Firearm, 2 Magazines, 150 rounds, Eye & Ear Protection




Available Dates:

May 19th           June 30th

July 21st             Aug. 25th

Oct. 6th              Dec. 8th

Handgun 2: In this eight hour course, students will build on the skill set acquired from  Handgun 1. Students will learn how to use ballistic protection in addition to exposure to techniques necessary for accurate shooting while moving. Movements/Positions will include forward, lateral, diagonal, turns and kneeling using both the right and left hand.

Gear List: Personal Firearm, Holster, 3 Magazines, Magazine Pouch/Holster, 5 Snap Caps/Dummy rounds, 250 Rounds, Eye & Ear Protection, Completion of Handgun 1



Available Dates:

June 23rd             July 14th August 18th        Sept. 8th

Oct. 20th              Nov. 3rd

Dec. 15th

Handgun 1: Over this eight hour course, you will learn how to draw and fire your handgun, conduct "emergency" and "tactical" reloads, as well as how to clear various types of weapon malfunctions.

Gear List: Personal Firearm, Holster, 3 Magazines, Magazine Pouch/Holster, 5 Snap Caps/Dummy rounds, 250 Rounds, Eye & Ear Protection




Available Dates:

July 14th             Aug. 11th

Sep. 22nd          Nov.17th              

Handgun 3: Formally known as force on force. This eight hour course has been designed to prepare you for realistic problem solving in a deadly force encounter. Students will be utilizing simunition training equipment to experience real-life threat scenarios. Completion of Handgun 1 & 2 is required. No live fire will be utilized in the shoothouse.

Gear List: All simmunition gear will be provided.

this includes protective gear & simmunitions


If you do not have your own firearm for the range portion of the class, rentals are available in the pro-shop. At this time we are not lending out eye or ear protection. These  items can be  purchased in the pro-shop. Ammunition for rentals and your own firearm can also be purchased through the pro-shop. It is advised to call ahead to make sure we  have your  caliber  in stock.

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