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Law Enforcement

Founded in 2007, CQT has become a leader in the Law Enforcement Training space and has experience as a trusted training provider for Local, County, State and Federal agencies. CQT has authored unsurpassed training regimens for Patrol Officers, Special Response Teams and Instructor Development Programs across a wide range of subjects such as Firearm Proficiency, Active Killer, CAB, Breaching, Ballistic Shield, Tactical Response, Basic and Advanced SWAT/SRT schools and more. Our course offerings are fully modular to fit your departments’ specific needs and requirements. We are proud to provide an instructor staff with over 15 years of experience translating all of their hard earned knowledge from US Special Operations/Intelligence into a Law Enforcement setting.


In addition to training, CQT is able to support all of your equipment needs and has partnered with reputable vendors to provide Firearms, Suppressors, Body Armor, Plate Carriers/Apparel, Optics, Night Vision, Less Lethal products and other accessories. We value our service relationships with departments by supporting Equipment Swap Programs and will also purchase Evidence/Property Room Firearms.

For questions about training, product, pricing, or facility rental and availability, please contact a CQT representative at 586-726-4730 ext. 109 or

“CQT is a world class institute. I whole-heartedly support their objectives and can personally say you will leave the training site a better operator and be more valuable to your teams” - Michigan Tactical Officers Association (MTOA) SRT Member
Please contact us for a specific course you are looking for. We can tailor any of our courses to fit your departments needs and size.
Close Quarters Tactical carries a complete line of LE Gear.

We carry the following top brands:
Firearms - CQT Weapon Systems
Optics - Steiner & Vortex
Body Armor - Armourer's Choice,
NFG, Paraclete, Point Blank, Sentry &
U.S. Armor
Shields - Armourer's Choice &
Point Blank
Less Lethal - Defense Technology & ALS
Night Vision - NVD
Cleaning Supplies - Clenzoil

active killer

2 Story Shoot House

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If you are looking for facility rental or training for your department call or email us today and our training specialist will assist you.

586-726-4730 ext.109

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