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Law Enforcement Training

With well over 200 years of combined combat experience on the global war on terror, CQT teams are among the most seasoned special operations force in the private sector. Conducting operations in areas of responsibility such as CENTCOM, PACOM, EUCOM, AFRICOM, and SOUTHCOM. CQT operational/training teams are highly capable of successfully accomplishing cast operational and training mission sets throughout the international theater.

Any of our Law enforcment courses can be modified to fit your departments specific needs and requirements. Department pricing on any of our courses is available, just call and talk with one of our training specialists to get further details on pricing. Ask us about facility rental availability and pricing. Classrooms, Mat Room, Range
and shoothouse are available for rental.

Contact a CQT training representative today to find out more about our training courses or about other training opportunities
Close Quarters Tactical offers.
586-726-4730 ext.109 or

Please contact us for a specific course you are looking for. We can tailor any of our courses to fit your departments needs and size.
active killer

2 Story Shoot House

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If you are looking for facility rental or training for your department call or email us today and our training specialist will assist you.

586-726-4730 ext.109

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