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40,000 sq. ft. Indoor Michigan Training Facility

  • 14 Lane tactical firearms range

  • Simulation force on force area

  • 2 story live fire ballistic shoot house

  • Defensive tactics room

  • Rappelling station 

  • 2 V-range single screen simulators

  • VirTra 300 Simulator


The CQT shoot house is designed and built by Action Target out of Provo, Utah and is a two-story, live fire, 360 degree, ballistic house. It contains three resettable breach doors as well as rooftop and alternative breach points.


This range is designed to meet the needs of highly trained and advanced law enforcement and military units as well as trained, private individuals.


CQT features a 14 lane, 28 yard, full tactical indoor range with the latest generation action target containment trap system. All lanes are rifle rated up to .50BMG. 

CQT’s range is equipped with Mancom “Competition Series” booths. These are designed to provide privacy and safety for shooters on the firing line. The booth frames are constructed of rectangular steel tubing around a steel protection plate with clear ballistic glass panels and swing-out barriers for advanced shooting techniques and training.

The Air ventilation system at CQT is state of the art and meets or exceeds EPA standards for indoor shooting facilities, eliminating the smoky shooting range odor normally associated with indoor shooting.

CQT’s live fire tactical range uses Mancom Touch Plus™ Target Systems. This allows the shooter, using touch screen technology, to control the target retrieval / running-man / and static turning target. Shooters can choose from a number of programed scenarios or CQT’s Range Officer can assist each shooter in target positions from a remote control panel.

​Firearms ranging from .22 caliber pistols to AK-47's are available for rental at CQT. A full-featured lineup including, but not limited to, sub-compact pistols, SBR's and full-auto rifles. All ammunition must be purchased at CQT with firearm rentals. 


CQT offers both the V-Range V-100™ Simulator and VirTra V-300™Simulator systems to improve trainees' real-world survival skills. The extensive library of realistic training scenarios is capable of supporting the entire use of force continuum from verbal skills, less than lethal options ( TASER®, beanbag, pepperball, OC) to lethal force. The system fully supports marksmanship and skill building from basic to advanced.

The V-300™ is the higher standard for decision-making simulation and tactical firearms training.  Five screens and a 300-degree immersive training environment ensures that time in the simulator translates into real world survival skills.  The system reconfigures to support 15 individual  firing lanes.

​The V-100™ marks a high standard for tactical training. For one-on-one contact training, the V-100™ offers quick decision-making simulations. With the ability to choose the training skills you need to work on, that time in the simulator translates into real world survival skills. 


CQT offers comprehensive programs in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu three evenings per week. The combatives area boasts a full-featured training floor including heavy bags, Thai pads, focus mitts, training dummies, kick shields, headgear,

private changing area, lockers and more. 

In addition to Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we also offer Men's Combatives, Women's Self Defense and Pen/Flashlight/Knife training in our combatives area


CQT Michigan has two classrooms on location for multiple courses offered in our Civilian Training courses as well as military and LEO training. Each classroom has projectors with a pull down screen. 

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