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Al’s career spans over 20 years within the mixed martial arts and advanced firearm training communities. With his combined passions he has been involved in VIP Close protection for over 15 years, working with many high end clients. In addition he also holds instructor certifications in less lethal munitions, ballistic shield, low explosive entry devices, pistol and carbine, Simunitions™ and precision/defensive driving. During his time at CQT, he has developed and implemented numerous advanced training programs for Law Enforcement/ Military, Close Protection and corporations.


Carl’s career spans 30 years within the Military, including Special Operations and Tactical Law Enforcement in Global Operations & Training with a special focus on Counter-Terrorism procedures, operations and training. His training and experience includes VIP Close Protection, intelligence gathering & analysis. He is also a firearms instructor, handling advanced pistol and carbine.


Craig is a 30 year police/swat officer. His career path has led him to instruct basic and advanced police tactics in several police academies in the state of Michigan and surrounding states.  Craig has also instructed in 4 colleges, the US military as well as for the US Department of Defense in Iraq.

Overall Craig has over Thirty Five years of combined domestic Law Enforcement, Firefighter and Military experience including Military Intelligence, Special Operations, Narcotics investigator, Criminal Detective, Police Patrol, (both directed and free) Firefighter 1 & 2, Emergency Medical Technician, Evidence Technician on the Major incident Investigation Team and over 24 combined years in SWAT/Military. Retired.

Craig was a vetted lead instructor for the US Department of Defense Counter terrorism Special Operation Forces (CTSOF) in Iraq, mentoring Iraqi police in non-permissive operations while living and operating in the austere environment in Iraq with the Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (CPATT).

Craig is also a Vetted Lead Instructor for the US State Department - ATA (Anti Terrorism Assistance Program) and has worked numerous countries instructing tactical classes as well as the systematic development and delivery of partner nation training programs in support of US Department of State objectives and foreign policy overseas.

He has designed classes and curriculum for several entities internationally as well as locally in law enforcement, military, corporate and security training.

Craig trained for WPPS (Worldwide Personal Protection Service) 3 as well as Train the Trainer (T3) for WPPS 3. Worked in international Protective details since 1985 while in the US Army.  


Colonel Dritan Demiraj (SF) is considered one of the world’s leading experts on counter-terrorism.  Dritan has over 25 years Special Operations experience and currently holds two PhD’s in “National Security and Humanity” and “Special Forces in a new Modern Combat Perspective”.  Dritan has attended and completed Special Operations courses in over 10 countries.  Those courses include Special Forces, free fall parachute, combat diving, sniper, alpine commando & mountain team leader, special ops (all levels), Asymmetric Warfare, Special Operations Combating Terrorism, and many others.  Dritan served as the Albanian Minister of Interior in 2017 and Commander of all Albanian Special Forces from 2007-2013.  He currently serves as the main advisor for the National Security and Counter Terrorism Council in Albania.  Dritan has served five tours in Afghanistan.  His medals and awards include the Albanian “Honours Nation” medal, which is equivalent to that of the United States Medal of Honor, as well as numerous awards for exceptional performance during his time in the military.  Dritan has given many “Counter-Terrorism” seminars all over the world to both universities, military academies and high ranking government officials from over 12 countries.  Dritan is a highly published author of over 33 books that range in subjects from Special Operations manuals, Strategy and Tactics of all Islamic Militant Groups (ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, etc.), and martial arts.  Dritan is also a 2-time boxing champion and 11-time karate champion.  He has received the Presidential “Great Master of Sports” award as the best Martial Arts Sportsman of the century by the Karate Federation, among other awards for outstanding performance as a military commander and fighter. 


Jeramiah retired from the US Army after a successful career in US Army Special Operations. During his time serving in Special Operations Units he was involved with, led, and managed several positions and programs. While specializing in Tactical Long-Range Precision Shooting/Observing and Advanced Breaching, he was also involved in the Research and Development of equipment and techniques. Jeramiah managed the Master Breacher program and was the Primary Instructor for the Master Breacher Course.  He has continued to teach and help Special Operations and Conventional US Military units of multiple branches learn and develop breaching techniques and sustainable programs.


Ray is a Twenty-one year retired Senior NCO with a career expanding through Light Infantry, Airborne and the 75th Ranger Regiment. Ray is a Subject Matter Expert in Close Quarters Marksmanship and Mechanical, Ballistic, Thermal and Explosive Breaching. He has several deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq. He has an extensive background working with and training Special Operations units from USASOC, AFSOC, Naval Special Warfare Group and Law Enforcement agencies at State and Federal levels. Ray was the Master Tactical trainer at the Maneuver Center of Excellence’s NCO Academy and for the last 5 years has been the Director of Operations for a Privately Owned 700 acre Tactical Training facility specializing in Breaching.


Jonathan W. Allen’s career spans over 12 years within the Military, U.S. Secret Service and local Law Enforcement. During his time in the Military, he was a Military Police Officer (USAF Security Forces). Mr. Allen operated in various field environments, performed individual and team patrol movements, tactical drills, battle procedures, convoys, military operations other than war (MOOTW) and

anti - terrorism duties.


Joseph (affectionately known as “Little Joe”) began his career in 1977 as a Protection Officer with the Federal Reserve Bank in Detroit. He spent six years as a Deputy Sheriff (Corrections Division) with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. He has been a Police Officer since 1985 in an officer agency bordering Detroit, with extensive experience as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Directed Patrol Unit Member, Department Training Officer, SERT Team Leader/Operator, Detective (Narcotics/Vice/Surveillance) and Background Investigator. “Little Joe” has also done research and development of training and equipment for the Training Unit.


Sid is currently the CEO and Chief Instructor for TOG-US. He brings with him over 16 years of experience in the field of Correction, Corrections Tactical Operations. Has held numerous positions in several prestigious Sheriff’s Departments and has helped shape teams from the ground up to include development of policies and procedures. He has had numerous awards and commendations. He brings military training extended by the USMC, it’s personnel and other military entities.  He is also a Subject Matter Expert and writer for a well known online law enforcement magazine where he maintains the only Corrections column (Tactical Solutions Magazine). Some of his background expertise cover the following: NTOA SWAT , Current SME (Subject Matter Expert) for Tactical Solutions Magazine for all things Corrections Tactical Operations, NTOA Advance SWAT & Hostage Rescue, NTOA SCBA & Clandestine Labs, FDLE Hostage Negotiator Certified, WMD TtT (Weapons of Mass Destructions; Train the Trainer): First Responder Response, TOG-US Corrections Tactical Operations Master Instructor, TOG-US Fire Arms Master Instructor, and instructorship in numerous other disciplines.


An Active Law Enforcement Officer for over 20 years, Jim has extensive law enforcement experience. Jim has also successfully completed two combat deployments (Special Operations). Jim has worked as a Field Training Officer, Use of Force Instructor, and SWAT Officer.  Jim has also worked as a Personnel Security Detail Team Member, Master Breacher, Breacher Instructor, Sniper, Sniper Instructor, and Close Quarters Battle Instructor.




A full-time Advanced Care Paramedic for over three decades. A recipient of the EMS Exemplary Service Medal from the Governor-General of Canada and numerous other clinical awards and commendations. A graduate of the Paramedic Program at Niagara College and an honours graduate of the Advanced Care Paramedic Program and the Paramedic Preceptor Program at the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences in Toronto. Published in the peer-reviewed special operations medicine literature, he was also for 5 years a nationally-published columnist on street survival and defensive tactics for Emergency Medical Services.  Thomas has instructed, either directly or as a sub-contractor, for numerous public and private agencies including the Department of National Defense (Canada), Ottawa EMS (ON), Michigan Tactical Officers Association, Ohio Tactical Officers Association, New York Tactical EMS Association, Exelon Nuclear Security (IL & NJ) and tactical medicine programs for HSS International (USA), REAGO (Poland) and REAGO (Ukraine).  Thomas was the exclusive consultant engaged to develop a tactical medicine template for the City of Ottawa, Canada’s national capital, in 2002. In 2004, he was twice selected as part of a two-man team tasked to design and instruct tactical medicine schools in Amman for Jordanian Special Forces and King Abdullah II’s Royal Guard. Since early 2005, Thomas has been a clinical field preceptor for both Canadian Forces Search And Rescue Technicians and Special Operations Medical Technicians attached to Canada’s Tier 1 SOF unit, JTF2.  Since 2007, he has led small teams instructing numerous tactical medicine schools for Polish Tier 1 SOF (GROM), Polish “Navy SEAL’s” (Formoza), Polish Federal Anti-Terrorist Police (BOA), “Secret Service” (BOR), “National Security Agency” (ABW) and “FBI” (CBS).  In 2012 and 2013, he designed and led Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) programs with live-tissue labs for the Ukrainian Secret Service.   Early in the fall of 2014, he led a team of Polish and Ukrainian instructors to deliver the first TCCC-based program for the Presidential Protection Unit in the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

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