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Wall Bunkers


Close Quarters Tactical Georgia is a defense service company located on 700 acres adjacent to The Maneuver Center of Excellence, Soldier Requirement Division, Mounted Requirement Division, and TRADOC Capability Mangers at Ft. Benning, Georgia. 

The CQT Georgia Facility is adjacent to Ft. Benning and 20 minutes from Columbus, Georgia It can support an impressive array of Test and Evaluations, Research and Development and Demonstrations.


Our Georgia Facility Includes:

  • Shoot House        

  • Urban Training Site

  • Mechanical, Ballistic, Thermal and Explosive Breach Site

  • Multiple Flat ranges

  • Heavy Breach Site

  • Shoulder fired munition range

  • 1000 yard Multi-Purpose range

  • HALO Drop zone

Test, Evaluation and Demonstration
CQT provides industry an excellent venue to conduct testing, evaluation and demonstration of cutting edge technologies and capabilities. Our facility provides a convenient location to exhibit new capabilities

  • Soldier Requirements Division

  • Mounted Requirements Division

  • TRADOC Capabilities Managers

Past  technologies successfully demonstrated include:

  • Small arms

  • Explosive effectiveness    

  • Sights and Optics

  • Explosive initiation systems

  • Shoulder fired munitions

  • Combat Vehicles

  •  Sensors

  • UAS/Counter UAS/UGV

  • Ballistic panels

  • 40mm ABM, scalable and ASM Grenades

1000yd. Multi Purpose Range

T & E Request

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