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CQT has a complete offering of tactical firearm training from basic to advanced techniques for all levels of shooters. Our courses take advantage of our cutting-edge facility from the classroom to the shoot house. Eye and ear are available for purchase. Ammo is also available for purchase in the pro shop.

**NOTE: Course dates are subject to change if minimum student count is not met.  Notifications of changes will be sent via email and/or phone within 24 hours of course date.




Available Dates:    

June: 6/27

July: 7/12     


  • 3-Stage Challenge

  • Time and Point Total determines the winning team.

  • 10 x 2-person Teams

  • $100.00 per person to enter the competition.

  • CQT supplied Weapons and Ammo.


Stage 1 - Shoot House Kill Box with simunition. 1-on-1 competitors face off against each other for 30 secs, and limited rounds. Most shots in kill zone (center mass) wins.

Stage 2 - Shock Knife Fight. Using an electrified training knives, combatants will earn 1 point for a Slash and 2 points for a Stab.  Strikes to body count and 7 points to win. 

Stage 3 - Part 1 - Agent Rescue. In full kits, the Teams will move from proshop to shoothouse,  engaging and eliminating the House Adversaries, "the Bad Guys." Then Teams must rescue and extract the captured agent, bringing the agent back to the proshop. Once the team returns to the proshop with the agent, they have completed Part 1 of Stage 3. This is a timed stage.

Stage 3 - Part 2 - Stress and Accuracy Shooting. Teams will move over to the range armed with 1 AR and 1 pistol (CQT provided.) Rounds will be limited.  The Teams will enter the range and train their sights on targets - 10 total targets. The teams will earn points on timing and accuracy. At 45ft, head shots count for points (+1 pt per Bad Guy Target hit, while -2 pts. for Good Guy Targets hit.)


Contact training for further information - 596-726-4730 ext 107.

Required Materials: A Pulse and a Mentality of No One Cares - Work Harder!!!



Available Dates:

Coming Soon!

Dominate the Fight

This is a 2 hour a night class that will be going over in detail close quarters tactics. These tactics will range from use of a firearm, pen or knife and your hands. Course is once a week for four weeks and will take place in either the mat room or the shoothouse.

Week 1: Combatives - Hand To Hand

Week 2: Improvised Weaponry - will include knife and pen

Week 3: CQB - Use of firearms in a close quarters

environment, will take place in our shoothouse and CQT will supply the firearms.

Week 4: Force on Force - This will test your knowledge and skills that you have been building upon for the past three weeks.

This is a great way to learn these tactics and methods and learn what you can do at home to keep building your knowledge and skill levels. This class will push your limits both physically and mentally.

Contact training for further information - 596-726-4730 ext 107.

March Dates: 5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26




Available Dates:

May 29th           June 24th

July 24th           Aug. 22nd

Sept. 19th         Oct. 30th

Nov. 21st           Dec. 20th


All down range static and dynamic course of fire. You will be going through multiple shooting positions. Tactical shoot night runs from 8-930pm once a month.


Contact training for further information - 596-726-4730 ext 107.

Required Materials: Rifle or Handgun or Both, 150 rounds for each, Full Kit




Available Dates:

Dates Coming Soon!


This 4 hour course will cover stance, grip and quick sight.Weapon manipulation techniques and tactical and emergency reloads. The course is tailored for students that are serious about real world readiness and application. This is a great introduction to learn proper techniques  with  your shotgun in a tactical situation.

Gear Requirements: Shotgun, Sling, Pouch for Extra Shells, Gloves(optional) Eye & Ear Protection,  120 Rounds of Slugs.  - SLUGS ONLY -

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